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18 November 2008 @ 01:35 pm
OOC Information
Player Name: Julian
Personal LJ: shouei 
AIM/MSN/YIM/ICQ: AIM - Weeaboo Man

IC Information
Name: Leonardo Lippi
Age: 25

Occupation: Secretary directly under Byakuran (as approved by Byakuran-mun)
What company do they work for?: Millefiore&Co.
Skills and Abilities: Leo is a very capable secretary with excellent management and organization skills. Very good with people, so sometimes one has to wonder whether he's faking it. He is in fact the secretary who remained the longest in the post without collapsing under stress and overwork. Other than that, Leo possesses above average (although less than Shouichi's and Spanner's) knowledge at computer systems and hacking, this is of course, hidden from his records and public knowledge.

Any changes to your character's appearance?: Nope!

Leonardo Lippi, born Guido Greco, is Italian by birth, or that was what the people at the orphanage told him anyway. According to them, Guido was found abandoned in front of a torn-down church in Rome, just newly born and still wrapped in a blood-spotted rag. He then was taken to an orphanage nearby, and was given shelter along with a great number of homeless children.

Guido Greco was a smart boy, everybody had always told him that. He was quiet. He was mild-mannered. He was polite, and he always gave up his toys, his food, his everything to the other children. People praised him, people made him out to be the model for all the children. They wondered where he learned all of that, for they were too busy to teach the children properly, or to give them personal attention at all. Leonardo must be a naturally talented boy, they said.

The children in the orphanage started getting into accidents. A broken arm here, a cracked rib there, a concussion on the side. They were clumsy, yes. And their caretakers didn't have the time or the motivation to find out more about the roots of these so-called accidents. Then came the death of that one Howard Arthur. Poor boy, Guido was so close to him. They could have been called best friends, even, since Guido was always so nice to him. Guido even cried, see? So when they found Howard with a broken neck at the foot of the stairs, they all decided that it was an unfortunate accident.

Guido got adopted soon afterwards, by an elderly couple by the name of Lippi. The man was a writer, albeit not very well-known, and the the woman was a simple housewife, kind and gentle. They took Guido in and gave him an education, caring for him like their own. Guido grew up as a proper, intelligent young man, well-liked amongst his classmates. His grades were not stellar, but above average, and that was enough for the Lippis to be proud of their boy. Guido even picked up a bit of Mr. Lippi's writing techniques, the subtle ways of a fiction writer, the ability to spin a tale out of little to nothing. And he made use of that.

He never saw anything wrong with little lies, see, because in the end, he would be the one who came out on top, the rest he care naught. But he never showed it, of course, his lies were so perfect and flawless that nobody ever suspected anything. And Guido rose to the top, with his intelligence and wits on one hand, and his lies on the other. Nobody needed to know the truth, he decided, not even his foster parents. The less they knew, the happier they were, hmm? Of course, he wanted them to be happy, so he sent them somewhere where they would live happily forever. Nobody needed to know his deeds, and nobody ever will.

They passed away quietly in their sleep, leaving behind their humble home and their adopted son, just barely out of college. Guido adopted his father's name soon after the funeral. And, out of grief, sold the estate he inherited then disappeared.

Three years later, a young man named Leonardo Lippi appeared at the doorsteps of of the Millefiore&Co. branch office with a solid, golden resume. He was more than perfect for the job, being polite, intelligent, and hard-working. It was no wonder that he rose so quickly through the ranks, and became the object of envy for his co-workers. One of them voiced a complaint: How could a kid so young and so new be promoted to manager when his peers were still stuck doing menial tasks? The man was so angry, so out of his mind, that it was no wonder that the next morning they found his car in the river, having driven off a bridge in his drunken state.

Nobody said anything after that, and Leonardo continued to rise, until his twenty-fifth birthday, when he received a promotional letter and a transfer notice to the main branch, located in Namimori, Japan.

Sample Third Person Post:

He tightens the knot on his tie and tugs at the silk material, fixing it into place perfectly. The suit is new, crisp, and there’s a faint smell of cologne drifting lazily in the room, mixing with the light scent of Morning Glories just outside his window. A smile stretches across his lips as he straightens the stiff collar, making sure the little buttons are holding white fabric like they should. Everything should be perfect. His resume, printed on white glossy paper, tucked in a clean laminated folder, is safe and sound inside the inner pocket of his suitcase. Everything he needed, laptop, notebook, pens, they’re all inside in right places, and Leo pulls on the jacket of his suit, feeling the heavy fabric falling on his thin shoulders.

He doesn’t mind.

The driver apologizes, his face showing no remorse. Leo is five minute late on his schedule. He smiles again, and tells him that it’s okay, that the traffic is not anyone’s fault, that he’s just being a good driver and obeying the law. And Leo pays him just the right amount, with a little bit to tip. The man grins perversely as he takes the money, and tells Leo that it’s okay, that he should take his time, when the fountain pen on Leo’s pocket accidentally falls on the floor.

He leaves the car soon after, nodding pleasantly to the driver as he hears the car screeching around the corner. A glance at his watch: he has fifteen minutes. And there’s a crashing sound somewhere from a far that he pays no attention to, a corner of his lips curling faintly.

It’s time to meet his new boss.

Sample Journal Entry:

Ahh, this is Japan? What a beautiful place. I can certainly see its charms, exotic an mysterious.

I’ve heard the same adjectives describing the CEO, though. It seems the man is quite something. Which would only make working with him even more… interesting, to say the least.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. It seems I’ll have some excellent time here. Everything is more interesting if there’s a secret behind it.

And after all, under every cherry tree, there’s always a corpse.